Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sleep...not a musical.

It should be against the law for everyone in the house to be sick.  All of us have some sort of cough/head cold thing going, though Lilia is the one closest to getting better.  I felt decent most of the day, though the headache, cough and sore throat still stuck around.

As I started this, I heard a very loud crash, and a child scream.  Liam fell out of bed again, so I rushed up and comforted him.  As he dozed back to sleep, I watched how he fell asleep, sort of in awe, as I don't see him sleep very often.  My kids were really never ones to fall asleep wherever, it's almost always in a bed, or a car seat.  Once they got past that newborn stage, they hardly ever fell asleep on me, unless nursing.  It got me thinking.

My kids are polar opposite when it comes to sleep.  Lilia hoards books and toys in bed with her.  She has since we first moved her into her toddler bed.  It's almost unbelievable that anyone could sleep in her bed- she has so many books, and so many various toys in her bed.  And removing them doesn't help, since she'll just put them back as soon as you leave.

Liam, on the other hand, doesn't want anything in his bed with him.  He has a pillow, and his blankets, and if you put anything in bed with him, he throws it out.  For awhile, he had his plush Rintoo, but even that got thrown out.  I bought a cute Thomas the Train pillow/plush, and he won't take that.  The only toy he wants is a little choo-choo ring (which he throws down as soon as the light goes off) and his soother.  I don't even hear that very often anymore.  In fact, when I turn it on before I leave his room, he turns it off.

He also sleeps in the cutest position.  On his back, with both hand behind his head.  Lilia...she sleeps wrapped in blankets in whatever position seems to meet her fancy.  I have found her curled into a little ball, sleeping  upright in the corner of the little sofa in her room.

I find it amusing because John and I are also pretty polar opposite.  He sleeps on his side, with tons of pillows, like a rock.  I toss and turn, wrapped in as much blanket as possible and as light as a feather.  (Well, at least most of the night.  By morning, I'm the one sleeping like a rock.)  I guess I'll always be fascinated by the way the kids are like us without us actually doing anything to make them like us.

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