Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project Simplify: Week 2...sort of?

Liam's pile of basement clothes
Continuing from yesterday...I was going to rest for the evening, but Liam woke early enough from his nap that I continued, though I had to stop in order to take the kids over for dinner at Grandpa's house.  The process was similar,  I started with sorting Liam's clothes downstairs, and then went upstairs to sort through his clothes.  I ended up removing quite a bit, but still had a lot left.  Enough that instead of bringing up the 2T and 3T clothes, I put the 3T clothes back, and will bring them up later.  I did decided to keep some of his 3T sweatshirts, mainly because he needed them, and because I didn't have to put them in drawers.

The ulled clothes
I emptied most of Liam's toys out, only keeping his trains, some cars and the animal collection.  I removed the rocking chair, and the old diaper cart I had in there.  Since he didn't have a lot of drawer space, I put a canvas bin in his wardrobe for socks, and another one for diaper covers/fuzzi bunz/inserts.  Almost everything was gone from the wardrobe now- shirts too small, and shirts I knew I'd never put on him.  To save space, I decided to hang up all his shirts, so he'd have more room for shorts and pants, and pajamas.

Closet nicely arranged...
After that, it was a matter of taking all the toys I took out into the basement, to sort into "donate" or "keep".  I also "cleaned" up, putting toys we did keep away, which you may think is a given, but Liam didn't think so.  He decided that since his track was all put together, that meant it was time to play.  And of course, time to play meant taking the track apart.  I think it's time to glue the track together.

It all looks really nice, I was glad (though sore and tired) I did it.  It made me think a lot about what I buy for the kids.  I wouldn't say my kids have a ton of toys, but even the small amount they have is too much.  I went through and asked myself what I've seen them playing with, and really, it wasn't even half of what they had.  And with warm weather approaching (ha!), it might be even less.

Shelves, nicely arranged.  Train was arranged, but you know how kids are...and look!  GIGANTIC puppy tent that takes up too much room.

So next, I need to snag all the little toys floating around the house in miscellaneous places, and put them in their correct space- Lilia's room, Liam's room, toy box in the front porch, or basement. Or get rid of them.  Probably the latter, if I have my way!

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  1. Yep, that's the same puppy tent. Except Julia's has a giant pink bow behind its right ear.

    Looks awesome - I'm very impressed... :)