Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guinness Cake

Guinness Cake, complete with Bailey's Frosting
 This is probably my favorite recipe, probably because I totally cheat and make it as simple as one can.  You cannot fail at making this.

Take a box of cake mix.  I prefer the extra moist dark chocolate mixes, as it seems to go quite well with the Guinness.  Follow the recipe, simply replacing 3/4 of cup of water with 3/4 of a cup of Guinness.  You could probably add more, but I think this gives it the right amount of flavor.  Bake as usual.

Let it cool, and then frost with the frosting of your choice.  I almost always make my own frosting here- simply put in a stick or two of room temperature butter, confectioner's sugar (I used an entire small package.) and some bailey's.  Combine the first two ingredients in a mixer, then slowly add one tablespoon of Bailey's at a time, until you have the desired constituency and flavor.  It's absolutely delicious.  Be warned, you will consume this fast, and without regret...until you see the scale!

You can also convert this into a cupcake recipe, and if your feeling very brave, make a Jameson ganache for the center.  Take a small spoon, and removed a small bit of cupcake center.  Usually about an inch deep will do the trick.  Heat a little heavy cream, a little butter and some Jameson, then pour it over some chocolate (bittersweet is a good choice), stir until melted.  Let it thicken a little, then carefully spoon into the cupcake.  Frost, and voila!  Car bomb cupcakes.  It's so good!


  1. I let the kids have small pieces, so it's probably safe for you too ;)