The Kids

 We have two kids, and a third on the way.  The 5 year old is my independent, strong willed, awesome terror.  I don't know if I dread her teenage years, or look forward to seeing what kind of person she will become.  I do know that she already keeps us on our toes.  She's super smart, funny as hell and she's not allowed to have a facebook EVER.
Liam is 3, and all boy.  We don't know how it happened, but he loves cars, trains, video games, climbing and sports.  Oh, and destroying stuff.  We have already taken out the rug in his room, only to have him tear off the linoleum flooring.  Despite all that, he's a mama's boy, and a sweetie.  He uses please and thank you, which somehow makes it hard for me to say no to him.  He loves his sister, even if they fight like proper siblings.  He's also super smart, and reminds me of his daddy.

The third was a surprise.  I've had a super rough first trimester, that seems to be trickling into the second trimester.  The little package is due December 29th...and I can't help but hope it's an early delivery.  The other kids were born December 27th, and January 6th...both born after Christmas, both born within the 12 days of Christmas.  Is it too much to hope for a pre-Christmas baby?