Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've become a bit obsessed with Pinterest in the past month.  (Thanks a lot, Shannon from Sitting in a tree.) It's just one of those sites where you absolutely get too many ideas, and yet it's not enough.  I spend far too much time just going through all the categories.

With Halloween around the corner, I wanted to try to make some decor since I honestly can't afford anything new.  I've been slowly putting out some decorations over the past week, and hope to hit the outdoors and garage at some point before Halloween.  I knew I wanted to do this pin as soon as I saw it.  Simple, and yet it looks really cool.  The kids love it.  I didn't do 100, there's only 22 up there, but that's literally half my wall.  And they aren't there in the picture, but the lamp has mini bats in the shade for an awesome batty silhouette thing going.  Also found on pinterest.

The kids costumes were a no brainer this year.  Both are obsessed with Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, and when they saw the costumes...I always feel like a cheat when I don't make their costumes, but hey...why drive myself nuts this year?  They should look adorable.

We're having a party this year in the garage, which means I get to make funny Halloween food. Pinterest is overflowing with ideas, my favorite being wicked halloween themed jello shots.  I also hope I get to make something yummy for Lilia's class for Halloween.  Just because I want to bake something, but not have it all in the house, if you know what I mean.