Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project Simplify, week 1...DONE

Ok, so I totally failed to post yesterday.  I blame it on Lush and laundry.  We folded about 6 loads of laundry last night, and then since my Lush order arrived yesterday, I could not resist the urge to take a Phoenix bubble bath instead of posting.  Oh it was so nice though.  I've been out of Lush bath stuff since October!

So my post yesterday was supposed to be the confession that I failed to do my Project: Simplify Week 1 assignment properly.  Don't get me wrong, I did it, and I'm satisfied...but I didn't exactly follow the rules.

I didn't throw much away.  I didn't give much away.  The biggest problem I have with my closet is that it's filled with clothes I want to wear but am not comfortable in yet.  And tossing them out was still not something I was ready to do, for two reasons.  The first reason is that it felt like a waste of money.  Clothes I have only worn once or twice for silly reasons...I didn't like the idea.  But the main reason, and perhaps a folly, is that many of those clothes are just things I'm one size too big to wear.  Throwing them out is like admitting defeat, like I'll never lose that one size.  I know I can do it, it's just been difficult right now.

Maybe that's what everyone says.  But I'm not some size 12 woman aiming to get back into my High School size 6.  I'm a size 20 trying to get into my 18's again.  Maybe that is just as foolish, and I'm deluding myself, but I'm just not ready to give.

So this was my plan.  I took out all the clothes I like, but couldn't wear.  (And maybe I should explain...all of these things FIT.  But not in the way I want them to fit.)  threw away a few things that were in terrible shape, or things I knew for sure I never wanted to wear.  But the rest, I took in the basement.  I will keep them down there for a year.  If, after a year, I do not fit them, I will concede, and give them away.  Not exactly what you are supposed to do, I know, but that's the solution I'm happy with.

For the rest of the closet, I stopped using as a junk pile and filing cabinet.  I went through the drawers (which are next to the closet, though you can't see it in the picture), throwing away stuff we didn't wear, torn socks and underwear.  I got rid of anything in excess, particularly John's 200 white undershirts that I don't think he wears.  I think I saved 10, though even that seemed like too many.  I got rid of a bunch of tank tops I wear under stuff, as well as a few pairs of PJ shirts that I never wear as well.

The bins are all divided, my underwear, my socks, my bras, and other unmentionables.  I cleared out all the stuff that was there just because it was a good storage area, and put up a bunch of books that we are currently using.  Also put the blankets in the basement.  Is it bad I'm hoping Basement isn't going to be on the list in the next few weeks?

I might move my knitting supplies to the closet- I have 4 canvas bins, a plastic drawer for my needles and a bag for the yarn and supplies I am using at the moment.  Actually, I wish I could move a desk into our room and organize that into a "work" space, although that's dangerous, being married to the unorganized professor.  I'd soon find the space brimming over with papers, and books, on top of all my crafty stuff.  So maybe not a good idea.

I think it looks pretty good- pretty simple.  I had removed the closet doors because I hate sliding doors.  I might consider putting a curtain up that matches my bedroom window curtains.  Or maybe I'll keep it as is, and enjoy the clean look it has.  Now if I could just finish the other side of the room (the side with my crafts and books!)


  1. Beautiful job!

    I like your idea of sticking things in the basement for a year. It seems like you're close to being able to wear them again, and if you love them & would wear them if only they fit the way you wanted to, it makes sense to keep them. So screw the rules! ;)

  2. Agreed! Rules are made to be broken.

    Actually my only concern is the basement is in serious need of organizing now.

    And wow, this font is not looking good on John's computer...