Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the needles...

I'll be casting on the lovely hyacinth yarn to make a soaker for a customer.

I have too many knitting projects, lol!  This is a good thing, though it feels like I'll never catch up with my own stuff since opening Bozu Bottoms.  I am now working on my 6th sale, although since the beginning of 2010, this is my 14th project.  Plus I have a skirt for Lilia (about 50% complete) on another set of needles, and another cocoon (65% complete) on a second set of needles.  On top of that, I really want to make a hat and hair kerchief for myself, as well as make a few hair kerchiefs and hair accessories.  These I want to sell so I can donate something towards Japan.  And we won't talk about my desire to make a few overall/coveralls as well (and more soakers and shorties for Liam...)

My knitting has been consuming me a little, and it's not really a bad thing.  As crappy as the weather has been, it definitely combats boredom and cabin fever.  Not perfectly, mind you, but at least I'm not feeling as restless as I usually am this time of year.  It might be a bit more difficult when the weather is nice, although I can totally picture myself bring the needles and yarn and just sitting outdoors while I knit.

The best part, in my opinion, of doing so much knitting is that I'm learning so much.  I think each piece I do gets a little bit better, and I feel better with every piece that's purchased and given a good review.  And I've been getting enough sales that I don't feel like I'm wasting money and time, which is a really good feeling.  (And to be honest, after so many years as a stay-at-home mom, it feels good to contribute to the finances, even if it's just a tiny contribution.)

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  1. Love that colour!

    I've cast on the same project three times now—don't ask how I screwed up the first two times badly enough to have to just start over again. I'm hoping the third time's the charm...