Saturday, September 3, 2011

Super Mom to the rescue.

Liam is my all boy.  He's a mama's boy- my special little guy.  And I'm pretty mean mama, because I'm going to share this story.
Graphic representation of Liam

We were in the car, leaving Barnes and Nobles.  Using his foot, he somehow managed to hit the switch of the window and bring it down.  It startled him, but for some reason, when his dad raised it, it scared the poor kid.  If he hadn't been in his car seat harness, I am positive he would've been hanging from the top of the car roof.  Poor kid, he was that terrified.

Now, I'm not mean enough to laugh at him (only after.)  I was reassuring him from the front seat, rubbing his leg, telling him he was ok.  He was so upset that he wouldn't even look at the window.  I don't know why this scares him so.  He's always been a little iffy when it came to the car window.  But I have never seen that sort of reaction.
Bowser saved the day

I managed to get him to laugh by taking a toy dinosaur that happen to be in the car at the time and having it attack me.  It would bite my nose, so I'd have to yell "Bad Bowser!  No Bite!"  It's name is Bowser, even though it doesn't look like THE Bowser.  Thank goodness it was in the car, I had no clue how else to cheer the poor kiddo up.

Lesson learned.  Lock the power windows.

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  1. What a good mommy. Distractions are the best! And maybe Liam is wise beyond his years about car windows. When I was two, I actually fell out of a car window while it was backing out of a driveway. (carseats in the early 80s? pffft) I had stitches in my head and have quite the scar to prove. Liam just knows they are scary. He's a smart boy! :)