Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Goodness

I love Fall.  I love Apples.  I love the smell of Fall.  Cinnamon, cloves, Apples...nothing smells as wonderful.  Fall baking is probably my favorite time of year to bake.  Even more so than Christmas cookies.  Apple pies, Apple Crisp, Applesauce, Apple Cider and Apple Cider Donuts.  Oh my!

We went to Apple Fest at Fly Creak Cider Mill down near Cooperstown this weekend.  It's always a good time, though an expensive time.  Gourmet food is never cheap.  The kids like to go because there are ducks and chickens to feed (like we don't have our own chickens or anything...), a play area and there was bounce houses this time.  The bakery/restaurant is delicious. And you just can't go wrong with a few bottles of Apple Wine.

A Beautiful Ginger Gold Apple...*drool*
I normally don't buy apples there though.  They are SUPER expensive.  But they have free samples of just about everything (remember to get your free sample of fudge!) and I tried a slice of a ginger gold apple.  It was so delicious, I had to buy some.  Lilia is going through the applesauce I made a few weeks ago pretty fast, so I figured I could make some very taste applesauce at the very least.  Though now I'm eating an apple a day and if I don't make applesauce soon, there won't be any more apples left.  I suppose at the very least, I could whip up some apple butter.

I might just have to make another trip down there.  Of course, then John would get another chance to stop at the Ommegang Brewery, so I don't think he'd complain too much.

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