Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunch time!

Tomorrow is Lilia's first day at Preschool for 4 year olds.  She is very excited, although I think a tad nervous because we told her she'd be eating lunch at school.  Last year she came home for lunch, as she only attended preschool in the morning.
Cute Hello Kitty lunch bag...So perfect!
So I have the very fun job of making her lunch.  I'm sort of excited, since I really love doing bento- boxed lunches- but don't get to do it often as someone who stays home.  I decided to go simple, as I'm not quite sure what Lilia will eat.  At home she tends to enjoy mac and cheese or bread and butter.  She asked for peanut butter and jelly (Mommy's home made strawberry jelly), which I hope is okay at the school.
I totally want to eat this myself!
Wanting to go a little cute, I used a sandwich cutter which cuts off the crust (I know, I know...) and cut the sandwich into 2 dolphins and a heart.  I have to admit to thinking it was totally adorable.  I threw in some carrots and some cheese, and a tiny container of ranch dressing.  In one small container, I put in some Kiwi Applesauce I made the other day.  In the bigger round container, I put in some strawberries and grapes, along with dispenser of granola.  It's all sitting on a cloth napkin, thrown in there for good measure.

So tomorrow's lunch is ready.  I hope she'll eat it, and that she will be happy eating it, instead of upset that she isn't eating at home.  I highly doubt she'll be upset.  I think she's going to have so much fun being back at school.  
All packed, and ready to go!

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