Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zinc, Ginger and Garlic

Whenever I start thinking I'm coming down with a cold, I try to fight back as soon as possible, usually with fluids, zinc (hello Zicam!) and fresh Ginger tea.

I love this tea pot.
I start with some freshly grated ginger, usually about a 1 inch piece.  Sprinkle on some paprika, or in my case today, some Cayenne Pepper, a little bit of honey (I used brown sugar today, as I lacked honey)  and some lemon juice.  I use my IngenuiTea tea pot, but you can easily use a tea ball, or even a mesh herb bag.  Pour some boiling water and let steep.  I usually aim for 10 minutes, though the longer it steeps, the stronger it gets.  Be warned, it has kick.  I made mine extra strong today, and it burned like hell going down.  But for the next four hours, I felt decent again.  My throat wasn't sore, my head wasn't stuffy, and my sinuses didn't feel like they were being pounded on by a microscopic sledgehammer.  So even if it doesn't help me fight this cold off, at least it made me feel wonderful.

Of course, I feel extra desperate to avoid coming down with a cold, so I took the extra step of eating a clove of raw garlic.  Can I be honest here?  That was nasty.  Very.  Very.  Nasty.

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