Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday's Confession

I am not one of those people that can keep their furniture in one spot year after year.  I don't know what it is, but I find it dull and mundane, and I just can't do it.  I've gotten better...sort of.  Instead of moving my furniture around 3-4 times a year like I used to, I only move it once, maybe twice a year.

I'm actually sitting here, right now, in a misplaced chaise lounger.  I moved all my furniture so I could strip wall paper, and scrub the walls.  Worked out well- 90% of the walls on one side of the room are done.  The only part not done are the tops that I can't reach and totally lazed out about.  I'll save them for another day.

So the furniture is all moved and it starts.  That twitch...that...random thought...what would the TV look like over there.  So it begins.  I start moving stuff around.  Usually not even know if it will fit, look good or work.  Like today.  See...our place is so much smaller than the last place we had.  The place we bought quite large furniture for.  Fixtures in the house are place in odd random places.  A heat vent in a corner that would be PERFECT for the chaise lounger.  A protruding wall where the linen closet is on the other side of the wall.  The bottom step of the stairs is larger than the rest of the steps, to give it that open grandiose look...but prevents anything too big from being against that wall.

John finds it funny when I do stuff like this, or so he tells me (I always do it when he's at work, always thinking "Just wait until you get home, buddy!!").  Moving furniture = moving EVERYTHING.  My TV stand is completely empty, the TV, the stereo, the consoles, the cable box...all unplugged, no wires attached, no speakers attached...all sitting in a pile on my sofa awaiting a wipe down and to be organized and put back together (which I usually can't do myself, unsure of what settings and arrangement he likes...)  It gives him a job to do when he gets home, which I guess is sort of mean of me.

So here I am...trying to piece together my living room again, just trying to find that perfect look.  I guess in my head, I hope to find that one look that I could live with for a longer period of time.  A part of me always feels silly for this little impulse thing I do.  A part of me adores it though, welcoming the change. If I get it right, of course.

Have I mentioned that my walls look fantastic by the way?  Despite not being painted, just being some strange beige-pink color, uneven and's so much better than that wall paper.

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