Saturday, February 19, 2011

Indoor garden

It was so nice yesterday, and while I knew it was going to get cold again, waking to a blowing blizzard put me in a bad mood this morning.  I think my exact first thought was "Ah hell, more snow."  Not enough had melted in the first place, and more was just a slap in the face.
Perfect for my mantle!

I've been spending days and weeks dreaming of my vegetable garden.  I'm getting antsy...wondering if I should start some cabbage indoors yet, or wait another month or two.  Since I'm also slowly working on my living room, I've been thinking about indoor plants.  I lack any, mainly because of lack of space.  It's hard to put plants in obvious places, like a table or end table, or even a big planter on the ground.  It seems like a recipe for disaster with my kids, or my cat.

Very unique, but I think my cat
might think it's a water bowl...
Once we have added some shelves, my place is great for indoor plants (and probably in need...).  Both my kitchen and bathroom are very bright, as is my bedroom.  My living room is not as bright, but does have a good sized window that gives some bright light during the afternoon.  It's probably brighter in the summer. Plus there's our huge front porch, though that's only really good in the summer.

This one is too cute.
So I'm on the lookout for some cheap planters, or even ones I can make myself.  I found some pretty cool soda pop ones, and even ones that used old books, which was is pretty cool.  Some hanging plants will be nice as well.  There are a ton of cute things out there, though it seems many of the ones I like you can't find for sale.  That's probably a good thing.


  1. Really loving the concept of those planters. Kinda like really small aquaponicsthings. Love to have one for a strawberry plant or some herbs.

    Loving your blog, Pixie ^^

    Hugs from Pezzu ^^

    Oh, also, could you enable commenting for name / website?

  2. <3 Thanks, Pez! I enabled commenting, let me know if it works!