Friday, February 4, 2011


I think I'm going to start making Friday's my confession day, like the good Catholic girl I am.  (Please refrain from snickering.)

Today was the first day since we moved in that I thought to myself "WTF were you thinking, buying such a small house and something that needs so much work".  Yesterday I removed two panels of wall paper from the living room, and let's just say, underneath was BAD.  Worse than the bedroom, the entire wall is pasted with dried wall paper glue, and spackle.  Today, I tried scrubbing said areas, and it was just awful.  The glue needed several hard scrubs to remove, and of course, some of the spackle came off, making an even bigger mess.  Maybe the winter has made me even lazier than I normally am, but I wanted to sledgehammer the entire wall.  Luckily I didn't, and the little section I DID do, felt smooth and ready for some primer, but man...maybe it was the mood, but I hated the house, just for a few moments.

In all honesty, I do love my house, and I do love making it my home.  I went into it, knowing it needed a lot of work.  It is doing what I hoped- forcing me to rethink my organization and way of living.  Getting rid of stuff I don't need, stopping me from buying silly things like knick knacks and collectibles I don't need.  I did delude myself a little, thinking we could get a good chunk of it done right away.  I just have to keep doing what I'm doing.  Being patient, doing it a little at a time, and always always remember...a sledgehammer is going to make more work for myself.

Unless I hire someone...Just kidding, of course.

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  1. Hating your house is pretty normal with a fixer. I cycled a lot between loving and hating our house in Buffalo. I ended loving it—or at least *liking* it—but really, that's because all the work was done before we moved. More than once I thought it had to be easier to just torch the place & start over. ;)