Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pasta Night!

They say when you're a mom, you don't get sick days.  Well, luckily today was Sunday and for the most part, I did get a sick day.  I'm pretty blessed to have an awesome husband who took care of the kids for most of the day.  And like I said, pretty lucky that it was Sunday.  (Please be better by tomorrow.)

Growing up, I never had any sort of ritual meal deal, which seems the opposite of John.  His family had pizza night, take out night, and spaghetti on Sunday, which as far as I understand, consisted of his mom making a fresh batch of sauce each week.  Now we have pizza night each week with John's dad, which I think the kids enjoy, mostly because they love their Grandpa, and they love Pizza., I could do without the same pizza week after week after week, but I admit to enjoying watching the kids play with their Grandpa.

I made Spaghetti sauce today, for the first time in a long time.  I had gotten good about making sauce and keeping it stocked in the freezer.  When we moved, I got lazy, and started buying the jarred stuff again.  While I'm not a "omg the jar stuff is so bad tasting" type of person (personally, I love Classico), I'll do admit to home made being superior.  I actually had a moment of "oh wow, I forgot how good my sauce is" moment.  I also had a "hmm, I need some home made pasta" moment, but that's a whole other post.

I think I'm going to try from now on to keep making my own sauce, and maybe even making Sundays our "pasta night."  Now if I could also start making a "sushi night", "chocolate cake night" and "surf and turf night".


  1. I'm inviting myself over for "chocolate cake night".


  2. "Pasta night" is a great idea & would be a fantastic alternative to "Spaghetti night". There's alot you can do with pasta without it being the same-old week after week. It is something that the kids look forward to. Our only meal ritual is Meatless Monday. :P