Thursday, December 1, 2011


Wow, life gets hectic, you stop paying attention and all of sudden it's a new month.  Crazy.  The last few weeks have been a bit crazy with my BFF from Britain visiting for two weeks.  I don't get much done around the house.

But now it's December, and I figured, visitor or no, it was time to break out holiday decorations.  Which seems to be a trend on all the blogs I follow.

Right now I'm working on this pattern for an Advent Calendar to hang on either the hearth or bannister.  I'm thinking of switching it up a bit so that it has mittens as well as stockings.  And maybe hats.  Just because it would be cute, and different from a lot of the similar Advent calendar/garlands I've seen.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas season a lot this year.  Lilia was so excited about it last year, and I think Liam is going to be into it this year.  And who doesn't love the site of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, with presents and happy kids underneath?

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  1. I love-love-love those little stockings! I wish I'd been more comfortable knitting when I ever saw the one I have - I would love to be able to say I made it with my own hands. You have to post pictures when you finish it! xo