Monday, December 12, 2011

Adding a touch of sophistication

Growing up, one of our staple decorations were these cardboard cut out wall decorations.  They are like sticker decals, only made of thin cardboard and they don't stick.  My mother had a ton- Santa, Trees, Angels, Stars, Presents, little woodland animals with presents and name it, and we probably had it.  She'd stick them on the walls with tape, usually creating a variety of Christmas scenes.

I have my own collection, but have to admit...I'm not liking the look as much as I once did.  I can't really explain why, only there is a feeling of a lack of sophistication as they begin to wear down and have old tape marks, rips and tears.  Not to mention that my freshly painted walls do not need tape marks on them.  So this year, I've done something a little different.  I used frames, and old Christmas cards, and voila...adorable DIY Christmas decor.

Old Christmas cards, cut and framed!
I was going to use my wall decorations in the frames, but it turns out that most of them are very large.  Too large to be framed.  Now, it just so happens that I have just about every Christmas card ever sent to me in the past few years.  Maybe the last 10 years...I swear I don't hoard...But I always thought that maybe I should do something with those cards, like make a garland.  I just didn't get around to doing it.  Until this year.  It's not a garland, though I have plenty of cards remaining, and might get board before Christmas.  But I think it looks fantastic.

Framed Christmas Buffalo from Roswell Park
So I took a bunch of empty frames, and cut out my favorite cards to fit.  Many of the ones I picked were art cards from Roswell Park in Buffalo.  For those that don't know, Roswell Park Cancer Institute is a place near our hearts, as that is where John's mom received her care while battling cancer.  John's dad sends them out every year, and I think they are lovely.  In fact, it shames me to admit that I forget to utilize these each year... But they are really beautiful cards and they make beautiful artwork for the season.

I loved using the pre-made mat and filling in each space with a card, or even a part of a card that I liked.  I think it looks great with just a bit more of an "adult look" than normal.  I'm kind of proud of it. And really, I just love that these cards were something friends and family sent me at some point in the past, and they weren't just something that was thrown away, they are now a part of my Christmas decor.  Who knows- maybe some of you will recognize your cards from years past!
Don't mind the wallpaper...painting the stairwell is scary.
I have yet to decide if I'll just stow these away each year, or if I'll actually take the cards out and replace them with pictures or art.  I know we've been here for over a year, but I honestly haven't put much on the walls.  Now that things are on the wall, it seems like the walls will just be too bare if I take everything down.  Have I ever mentioned that I love framed work, even though I have a lack of it in my house?

In case you are wondering, I still am using some of my old cardboard decor.  It's great for doors in the house.  It's just that extra cute touch.  Can you tell I may or may not go overboard decorating for Christmas?  I don't mean to...I'm just enthusiastic.  Decorating can be very fun, and sometimes it's exactly what I need to put me in a Christmasy mood.  It's just one of those things...seeing things again after being put away for an entire year.  As an adult, and a parent, who may not get very much under the tree, unwrapping and putting up all my Christmas decorations is like my Christmas morning.  I look forward to it each year.
This one was perfect for my Christmas Pengin theme.

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