Monday, December 5, 2011

I like Christmas trees.

Running around, being silly at the tree place
After a nice afternoon of playing with Christmas cards from past years, (post coming soon!) we got our Christmas tree this evening.  It's always a fun event, albeit stressful at times.  With such a small house, it seems like no matter how prepared I think we are, we end up moving furniture around.  Even when we thought our tree was "smallish" it turned out not to be small at all- at least not in this tiny living room.  It's probably the few times a year where I really do curse the decision to pick a small house.

We face the problem of furniture, inconveniently placed heating vents, fireplace, front door, stairs and an awkward corner.  I think we've worked it out this year, and while it's a little tight, I like it.  The tree is now settling nicely, and tomorrow we'll have the fun job of decorating it, as long as I get the lights on properly.

I'm in the hunt for a bigger tree skirt, but I get the feeling it'll be another year before I find the one I want.  (ie- before I get around to making the one I want.)  The one I have is kind of cute, with stand up Santa, Reindeer and snowman- but it's only 40" and I really want a bigger skirt.  I'm also in need of a new star- ours is very old and falling apart, sadly.  One of the funniest debates that I lost over the years seems to be the Star versus Angel debate.  I don't really mind- the star has grown on me.  Of course, I grew up with an adorable plastic canvas tree topper.  It was an Angel...holding a star.

It feels more Christmas-y around here now.  I think all we need now is a little snow.  Sorry, Southerners...but if there's no snow, I'm just not 100% feeling the Christmas season.

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