Thursday, May 19, 2011

5 Things

5 Things I Love at the moment.  I've been busy getting ready for my best friend in the whole world to visit me this weekend.  She's coming all the way from Great Britain to see me.  I'm so psyched since I haven't seen her since the summer of 2006.  It was such a cool surprise when she announced she was coming for a visit.

1.  Amazon Cloud Player

I love that I have access to my music anywhere.  On my phone.  In a hotel.  On any of the computers I have, or even a friends computer.  I can access it while doing dishes, gardening, traveling, writing, taking a bath, sitting outside...This makes me happy.  And because I bought a few albums from Amazon, I got the upgrade to 20 GB.

You've got the Love...
2.  Florence and the Machine

Speaking of albums I got from Amazon, this is one of them.  I've been a total Florence + the Machine kick for a few months now.  I just can't get enough.  My favorite songs?  Rabbit Heart, Drumming Song and Heavy in Your Arms.  Daily listening requirements, at least on my part.

3.  Gardening

We know I love gardening.  Well, at least, I seem to be focusing on it a lot.  Despite a lot of frustration, I find myself enjoying it a lot too.  It's been raining for so many days straight now, and today has been the first time in ages I've seen the sun.  First thing I did?  Took Liam out and worked on the Garden a bit.  And my whole plan to go simple this year?  Destroyed in one big trip to Lowe's.  It's been relaxing (for the most part) to go out there and work.  Just focusing on that and nothing else, it's almost therapeutic.  Thinking about it can stress me out, amusingly enough.  I think "Oh no, what if this doesn't grow?" or "What the eff am I going to do about these weeds!?" and I get a little irritated, but actually getting out there, and getting's a good feeling.

4.  Game of Thrones
Oh Ned.

Obsessed.  Literally, utterly obsessed.  I was obsessed with the books.  I am still obsessed with the books.  I'm reading A Storm of Swords for the millionth time (after finishing the first two books again as well) and am attempting to read that, and a Feast for Crows before Dance with Dragons is released on July 12th.  (3 days before my birthday!!!)  I spend far too much time reading threads on various theories, some of which blow my mind. I was so excited for the show, but had this fear that I'd be disappointed.  How wrong I was.  The show has been excellent so far.  I look forward to Sunday now.  Painfully.  Monday I wake up thinking "Crap, there is 7 more days until another episode..." or "Is it Sunday yet?"

HBO has done a good job keeping to books.  The minor changes they've made are just that: minor.  Nothing has been taken from the story, except maybe that I love it even more.  I'm already looking forward to season 2.

5.  InuYasha
(お座り) Osuwari!

Netflix recently put Inuyasha up on on-demand.  I've watched the entire series before, but that was years ago- before the kids were born.  It had been so long, I forgot how much I enjoyed the series.  I've gone through 100 episodes in 3 weeks.  105 episode, actually.  I'm watching the show as I type this now.  I haven't felt like a fan girl in a while, so it's a welcome feeling.  Speaking of being a fan seems as though our geek level is about to level up.  We're throwing an anime night with our friends next week.  We'll be watching Evangelion 1.1 and Evangelion 2.2.  Fun times!

And because we should always strive for balance, here's 5 things I hate at the moment:  Weeds, Laundry, Rain, Wallpaper and rabbits that eat my apples trees!

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