Sunday, May 1, 2011

Snack Attack!

I love snacks. Who doesn't? I've been on a cheese kick lately, which is a good healthy snack, right? But I recently made a big order of Japanese snacks, and for some crazy reason, I wanted to share them.
Ume (Plum) Onigiri flavoring, Green Tea Marshmallow,  Miso soup (variety pack) , Hi-chews, Various caramels, and Green tea Oreo sticks
Wasabi Cheetos, Takoyaki Cheese balls, Sukiyaki Cheese balls, Ume cheese balls

Nestle Green Tea KitKats
The first thing I opened was Green Tea Kit Kats.  These were the main reason I made an order.  I've ordered from ( if you don't want to view the Over 18 items.)  Japan always seems to have some really cool stuff- Cucumber Pepsi, Variously flavored KitKats (lemon cheesecake, anyone?), Green tea Coke...  All sound yummy to me!

Jlist is a good place to get Japanese snacks and items.  They have a good assortment, and it's pretty inexpensive, if you don't include shipping. Shipping is expensive, but that's pretty much a given if you consider it's coming from Japan.

Individually wrapped! 
So they were pretty good.  I won't say they were the best thing ever, because, well...they are Kit Kats in the end, and have that Kit Kat flavor (cheap chocolate, though very yummy!)  It basically tasted like Nestle chocolate, flavored with Green Tea.  Which makes sense.  It was very soft, although it was a warm day.  It melted on my fingers easily.

Break me off a piece of that Green Tea Kit Kat Bar!
Coming soon- Takoyaki cheese balls, and Seaweed Moringa Caramel.

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