Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Bye Ugly Carpet

It's been raining since Friday, with more rain expected the rest of the week.  It's such a bummer- particularly after the nice weather we had last week.

I have to give thanks and love to my husband, who decided today that Liam's rug needed to pulled up asap.  My little monster son decided that he needed to EAT the rug and the foamy stuff underneath.  Yesterday he had diarrhea, and I was a little freaked out that he made himself sick.  So this morning, John spent it moving furniture and removing staples, and taking the carpet completely out. Underneath wasn't too bad- it was some sort of ugly as sin linoleum.

Liam didn't seem to mind the missing carpet.  In fact, he seemed to like it because without the carpet, the room has more of an echo.  He was running around the room yelling happily.

Hopefully we can get to Lowe's tomorrow afternoon and get some carpet put in.  And of course, since I love Lowe's, seedlings, and maybe some needed shelves.

1 comment:

  1. Good to hear that it didn't cause any serious effects on your boy. If the carpet was old and treated, then it could have been worse. Some of the toxins are caused by the cleaning agents. You should ask about that when you have a new carpet installed.