Monday, May 9, 2011

Starting to hit the Vegetable garden

I spent Mother's Day in my Vegetable garden, cleaning out the beds as much as I could.  There are two large beds, all full of waste.  As you can see, I only got about a fourth of way through the beds, and that took about two hours.  There was a lot of waste in there- I don't know what was growing in there before, though I'm positive most of it is not vegetables, which is what I want this area for.

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what all the green stuff in the back bed is.  After much searching, I'm pretty sure I have figured out the mystery.  I'm not 100% though.  I think that its a chard of some sort.  The stalks are bright red, so I think they could possibly be a Swiss Bright Lights Chard.  I don't know for sure though and I'm not sure if I want to try "cooking" it and consuming it to find out...I don't want to get sick, though the thought of possibly tearing everything out makes me a bit sad.  I wish there was a way to find out for sure.  I have tasted the leaves, and they were very tangy tasting (raw).

Also, there seems to be some sort of Rhubarb growing.  This is amusing, since I planted Rhubarb last year, and it's doing well.  But they look nothing alike, so again, I don't know for sure.  It does look like the pictures of "flowering" rhubarb I find on google.  But nothing else looks like a rhubarb, so it's probably not a rhubarb.  It sort of looks like a Japanese Knotweed as well.  Since there are tons of dried up, dead brush, I'm thinking this is a possibility.  Not to happy if that's the case, it seems like it's as bad as bamboo when it comes to getting rid of it.  Ugh, that's not a pleasant thought, let me tell you.

I also found this little guy- only one in the entire bed.  It looks like a strawberry plant.  I think I'll keep it and see what happens.  I'm aiming to get the beds mostly cleared by the end of the week.  I have some berries bushes to plant too, so hopefully I'll get those in the ground by the end of the week.

Wild Strawberry?

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