Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh from the Flower Garden

I have a ton of new flowers, and believe it or not, even more about to bloom!  Here's what's bloomed so far!
My Lilacs were my biggest disappointment this year.  They were very weak, not very fragrant and died fast.  I think the trees need to be pruned.

No clue...
 I don't know what these are, but Lilia and I have been calling them Firework flowers, since they look like fireworks.  They are scattered in bunches throughout all the garden, and they are quite pretty.

White Bleeding Hearts
 I don't know if White Bleeding hearts are the correct name, but they are really pretty, and look exactly like normal bleeding hearts...minus the color.  There's just this one little bush, hidden near some Rhododendrons.

Bleeding Hearts
 I have a HUGE bush of these, and they are so pretty.  Lilia found them pretty fascinating too, I had to remind her on several occasions not to pick them.

 This is one of several bushes (and varieties) I have.  It's not even the prettiest one, though it really is pretty.  I actually was not liking these bushes until they bloomed.

Mystery Rose type
 These are huge.  They looked like little white cabbages, until they bloomed.  The petals were soft and very fragile- the first rain storm wiped them all out.

The entire bush 
See how pretty the bush is, and how big the flowers are?  Little cabbages!  I think that are some sort of Rose, like Rosa Eden, but I'm not sure.

Another mystery flower
There's a big bush of these in my corner.  No clue what they are.  It's huge though, almost taking over the entire corner of the garden.

Poppies...poppies...I love these, really.  So bright and vibrant, and really fun.  Now that they are past blooming, and slowly wilting, I'm tempted to go out and get some seeds.  My guess is that's not a problem...

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  1. Wow - you have so many pretty blooms! My neighbors have a few bleeding hearts and I'm uber jealous. Love the poppies too!