Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bringing back the Simple

Is it bad I ate a Penguin Peanut Butter cup from Christmas tonight?  It was delicious.  It was a naughty food day, with dinner at IHop and bubble tea.

I picked up Quick-Fix Healthy Mix by Casey Kellar and Nicole Kellar-Munoz awhile back.  It's got a ton of recipes for making stuff from scratch, and creating "base" mixes, like a bake mix, pancake mix, various seasoning mixtures and soup bases.  It also has recipes for condiments, sauces, and beverages.  It's pretty useful, although I haven't gotten around to making much.  I've gone through the book a few times, and can honestly say there is only a few recipes I'm NOT interested in making.

I made the pancake mixture, which was pretty decent. It was a little heavier than I'm used to, because it uses a whole grain flour.  The kids liked it.  I need to find bigger glass jars though- the recipes are bulk, so despite using some, I still have two jars remaining.  I've been on a hunt for storage glass wear, in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic I use.  I've been wanting to organize my kitchen better, and putting stuff in containers is a part of that process.  Plus glass is prettier!

I also attempted one of the granola mixes, but that was a fail.  Burnt granola is no fun.  Tastes horrible, smells horrible and then of course you feel horrible because you just burnt granola.  I think my stove thermometer might be off.  It's not the first time I've cooked something for the minimal time recommended and had the meal scorched. Not that I wouldn't love a new stove, but I really would like it to hold out a bit longer.


  1. Good for you. If you are using plastic ketchup bottles and want to re-use, my mom used to use them for extra pancake batter (if you make extra batter) and keep it in the fridge. We would have pancakes for breakfast a couple times a week and it worked well.

    Love your green initiative. I should really get better at it.

  2. That's a great idea! I never thought of using ketchup bottles for pancake batter.

  3. If you find a good (cheap) source for glass storage wear, keep me in the loop. I've been using empty sauce/pickle/honey/whatever jars for years but there are definitely things that need bigger jars than that.

    My grandmother just sent up a bunch of old glass coffee jars - they must have been some sort of bicentennial thing because they have a design & 1776 on the front - and I'm pretty excited about them...