Thursday, December 2, 2010


I never really had a nickname, outside of my internet "alias".  Shannon doesn't really have much potential.  At best, my little sister called me "Shan" when she first learned to talk, but it was never something that stuck.  My mother's choice of Shannon was not her first choice.  Her first choice was April Love, and I am forever grateful to my dead beat dad for doing one thing right for me.  He told her no way.  Her second choice was Jennifer Joan, so she could call me JJ.  Again, thanks Dad...nothing about that nick name sounds appealing to me.  So he picked Shannon, and here I am today, with a perfectly beautiful Irish name.

My daughter has a few nicknames.  She's called Lily or Lil by family.  She used to call herself Yada.  Now Liam calls her Yaya, though she doesn't seem to like it.  "That's not my name!"  I think it's adorable.

I wonder if Liam will have a nickname.  I call him bozu regularly, although that's my own little thing with him, as my special little guy.  Lilia used to call him Yam, but that didn't stick once she got better at her words.

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