Monday, December 20, 2010

Hot WPOP action!

Do you know how much I miss Wegmans?  The funniest part of the story is the fact that Wegmans was rarely my grocery store of choice while we lived in Buffalo.  It's where we bought nice foods, like delicious cakes and pastries, good cuts of meat and gourmet items we couldn't find at Premier Gourmet on Delaware.

Regular, Diet or HOT??
But now...oh man, how I miss it.  My two grocery stores are either Walmart or Hannafords, or if I don't mind a half hour drive, Price Chopper.  It's so bad, I am half tempted to make monthly trips to Wegmans in Syracuse rather than shop at either place.  We have a trip to Buffalo planned for tomorrow and Wednesday and one highlight of the trip will be a visit to Wegmans.

I digress.  I also grew up in Rochester, and had a Wegmans five minutes down the road.  And that leaves certain memories.  Despite saying soda, I drank WPOP.  In fact, the reason I'm posting this particular topic is because this time of year in the 1990's, I remember drinking a certain ginger ale flavor- WPOP Hot Ginger ale.  I want badly.  In my memory, it was so delicious!  I also have a memory of a WPOP cola or lemon-lime soda with peppermint flavor, although I can find no reference to it online anywhere.  I wonder if I made that part up in my head.

So, there was really no point in todays blog, other than to whine, and reminisce a little about things I'm not sure even exist...(well WPOP hot ginger ale did exist...Please tell me if you remember it!)


  1. WPOP Hot Ginger Ale was my studying fuel throught grad school. It gave me the most satisfying gas.

  2. In googling WPOP Hot Ginger Ale, I was brought directly here and must tell you I remember it. The box was black with red text advertising the delicous beverage inside... now that I am in the south I have to settle for various store brought ginger ales in hopes that one day I find a taste even remotely similar.