Saturday, December 18, 2010

I liked adding twists...

Making rice krispie treats is always a part of the Christmas cookie tradition in this house.  I always add a little twist by melting down candy canes, and drizzling them over the finished pan of rice krispies.  I love doing this, mainly because afterwards I pour in some water to the pot I melted the candy canes in, and boil.  Not only does this make it easy to clean up, but it makes the house smell yummy!

This year, I spotted bags of Jet-Puffed Gingerbread Marshmallows.  I knew instantly we'd be doing something new to the rice krispie treats.  I ate a few, and they were pretty tasty.  Stronger in that gingerbread taste than I thought they would be.  Hoping for the best, I substituted these for regular marshmallows.

It worked really well.  They smell delicious.  They were a tad softer than usual, but in a good way.  And they tasted delicious!  I was pretty impressed, and very happy that I gave it a try.  Even the kids enjoyed them.  I still drizzled on a bit of the melted candy canes, which is always a plus. 

Ok, so maybe it's not as pretty as it could be...I promise it was tasty though!

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