Friday, December 10, 2010

Cookie Fail!

So today I was supposed to write a little blurb on the wonderful gingerbread cookies I made using my new KitchenAid mixer.  Sadly, I won't be doing that.  I made a little mistake, unable to find my gingerbread cookie recipe, and used one that turned out dry and crumbly.  So frustrating!  I was able to make a small batch, but the dough was so crumbly it made the process annoying and I gave up.

Of course, I won't give up!  I just need to find MY recipe, so I can make delicious, light, soft cookies, worthy of the effort of making, decorating and of course, eating.

I will note though, that the cookies I did make were good, just a little bland.  It needed more molasses, and maybe another egg!

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