Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another room done!

The Before
I am finally getting the pics to Lilia's room up. It's been done for a week or more... Her room seemed to move much faster than Liam's room, probably because I didn't have to measure and level and measure and level the way I did with those stripes.  So Lilia's room was pink to begin with- not a bad thing for a little girls' room I suppose.  But, I didn't really care for that pink, and besides, Lilia's favorite color is purple.

My original plan was to do a blue sky, on the ceiling, with purple on the bottom that would have large ferns and the like.  Basically a combination of this, although I quickly decided against the pink stripe, and this, the framework around the window and the closet.  I did the (Cast a Spell) Blue, and then did the walls a darker (Dreams Come True) purple.  For the closet area, I went with a lighter (Moonlight Waltz) purple, and the molding was done in an even lighter (One Enchanted Evening) purple.  I then did a border of Tinker Bell Pixie Dust around the room, in the One Enchanted Evening purple.  In the center of some of the stars, I glued a some jewels, which I think was just a very cute touch. 

Stencil Border detail
Finishing touches were the curtains, which I made.  I still think I'll make a valence too.   Around the closet, I put on a cute vinyl flower and mirror butterfly set that I found at Target for $10.  The mirrors came with some sort of adhesive stickers, but those didn't work.  I ended up hot gluing those, and so far, so good.  I still need to find the proper curtain for the closet.

I think it just needs some shelves, and some paint on the inside of the closet.  Maybe a little art and perhaps at some point, a new comforter set.  Once the new rugs are in, the room will be perfect.
A pull out couch for Guests!

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