Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Ol' Blue and Gold

I debated almost the entire summer on how to handle Liam's room.  This is a little bit earlier than when we did Lilia's Sesame Street room.  She was almost 22 months by the time we did that.  Liam, so far, hasn't really shown the love that Lilia showed for Sesame Street, probably because unlike Lilia, he gets more "cartoon" kid shows.  Kai-Lan, The Backyardigans, Blue's Clues, Mickey Mouse, The WonderPets...he loves these shows, and despite feeling guilty for exposing him to so much TV, I allow it.  Now that Lilia has returned to school, and moreso when I'm not busting my butt unpacking and decorating, I'm giving him more Sesame Street time.

The "original" look
Whoa, totally going off course here...but because he doesn't watch as much Sesame Street as Lilia did, I was hard pressed to decide on going full out "Sesame Street" room for him.  I went back and forth between Sesame Street room, Sporty feeling room, generic "baby boy" style, and I even contemplated an Ocean looking room.  But...none of it felt right.  What I decided to do was Buffalo Sabres Blue and Gold.  This made sense for a number of reasons.  The primary reason being, it easily goes with the Sesame Street theme- so I could do the painting, and then decorate it for a temporary look with Sesame Street decals.  When he outgrows that, we can easily switch to a more "grown up" look.

Never again!
I started with painting the ceiling and slanted sides white.  Then I had a lot of fun trying to eye where I'd do the Gold stripe.  Eying is never a good idea, so the laser level was broke out, and after several hours of measuring, leveling, more measuring and more leveling, we had the lines drawn, taped off, and ready for a coat of Gold.  After that, the work was simple- once the Gold dried, more tape, and then the Blue.  At least second, I decided to do the built in shelves, which I think turned out fantastic.

Curtains and a new rug will complete the look.
I think the paint came out really well.  We need to do some last minute touches on the ceiling, and then after that, the paint is done.  After that, it's all the little tiny things that make a room feel cozy- curtains, new fixtures, new outlet and switch covers, pictures and a new rug.  Seriously, the rug needs to go.  I contemplated painting the wardrobe and drawers to match, but decided that was going to far.  Oh, and the couch in there will be moved out, so he has more room to play.
Built in shelves are a nice bonus.
So that's the first room we did in the new house.  It really was a fun job, even if it were a tad exhausting (and mentally taxing, damn math skills.)  I definitely think it's something that can grow with Liam- it'll be exciting to put some Buffalo Sabres decals on the walls.  Who knows, maybe I'll invest in a fat head Ryan Miller for the wall!

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  1. looks awesome! you are so correct that it works for younger kids because of the elementary basic colors feel, but it will be perfect for when he ultimately grows up to be a die hard sabres fan. well done!