Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's my first product review!

Well, this is the first time I've ever done a product review, but since I love Liz, and what I got from her was totally adorable, I had to share.

Reusable and Super Cute from MyMoes Threads!
We all know I use cloth diapers, cloth feminine products and have been trying to move away from paper towels by using cloth towels and napkins.  In preparation of the school year, I started planning on making Lilia and Johns lunches (though it turned out Lilia wouldn't need lunch.) and started thinking about how many plastic baggies I waste.  That's when Liz from MyMoe's threads linked me to some food safe reusable food bags she makes.  I took it as a sign, and made an order.

From top left to right- Velcro bag, sandwich bag, zippered bag and napkin    
I ordered 2 sets- which consists of a zippered pouch (I opted for a pocket to be added on), napkin, velcro pouch, and sandwich wrap, plus 2 additional zipper pouches.  Let me tell you how great these are.  Not only are the super cute, but they are really useful.  The velcro pouch is perfect for snacks like chips, vegetables and pretzels.  The sandwich wrap was great- it fit nicely around the over-sized bread we use.  The napkin is a nice feature- how many times would you just use a paper towel or napkin, or how many times would you think "Crap, I forgot something to wipe my hands with?"  Well, I know I do that a lot.  Finally, I just tossed everything in the zippered bag, along with some utensils, and voila!  A perfect way to carry a small lunch, without all the waste.
Zipper bags

 I also ordered the spare zipper bags, which are perfect for carrying around snacks for the kids.  Just toss in some Cheddar Bunnies or some Goldfish, and the kids have something to munch on, on-the-go.

They are also easy to wash.  So far I've just had to use wet cloth to wipe down the inside, and then hung it up to dry.  But the nice thing is they are washable is need be.

Liz has a cute variety of fabric, and there are some customizable options.  (With or Without a pocket, with or without a button) and it's all affordable.  So if you are looking for something different, or looking for a way to reduce a little waste- stop by her etsy shoppe, or her website and I'm sure she can whip you up a little something!

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