Monday, January 23, 2012

Kids and Chickens, Chickens and Kids

Liam is at his first day at preschool.  It's very weird, to not have either child home.  I'm a little lost as what to do with myself.
He was more excited than he looks here!
He was pretty excited, although I'm pretty sure he didn't understand the part about Mom and Dad not being there.  He held my leg at first, when we told him we were going, but the teachers there are really good, and distracted him.  I think he'll be fine, but I still may or may not of teared up a little.

The Ladies aren't too happy with Winter, but they like food.
After dropping everyone off, I came home.  I fed the Ladies, who got a special treat of strawberry tops and asparagus with their cracked corn.  Happy Ladies lay happy eggs.  And I now have 3 Ladies laying regularly.  This morning, my Easter Egger gifted me with an awesome Blue-Green egg.  She's the only one I can identify as a layer (and a much relieved person I am- I feared she might be male!) because of her distinctive egg coloring.  I'm almost positive the other layers are Buff Orpington and the Australorp because their combs are very bright red, but you never know.  Easter Egger has a very dull comb.

I do need to have a discussion with the Ladies though.  One of them decided to lay an egg in the snow in the run.  I mean, really darling?  Isn't that a little cold, and so not good for the egg...

This morning's contribution by the hard working Ladies.
So now I'm just trying to decide what to do with myself.   There are so many options- knit, crochet, clean, organize, write, work many options, I think I feel a little overwhelmed.

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