Friday, January 20, 2012

5 and 3 year olds

I've decided 5 year olds are the best.  They say the funniest things ever.

"Daddy, were you looking for a mommy and then you found Mommy?"

"Did you get married because you knew babies were coming?"

We heard both of those tonight, while eating pizza at Grandpa's house.  I think I busted a stitch laughing, it was just so cute.

Of course, then we have the 3 year old.  And his favorite saying right now is:

"Stop it Mommy.  Don't _____!"  Insert ANYTHING in here.  Don't laugh.  Don't kiss.  Don't smile.  Don't nudge him.  Don't dance.  Don't tickle.  We've heard it all.  He's like a Dictator.  I'm not sure if I should be concerned.  Probably not, I can always bribe him with video games or candy.

Ah, kids.
Leave my computer for 2 minutes, and I get 50 pics like this.

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