Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hopefully the only long post of the year, just to kick things off!

Late to the game as ever.  Welcome to Parenthood, where I feel like there's never "nothing" to do.  It's already January 26, and I've only posted much for New Year's Resolutions!  But for better or worse, both kids are entering very fun ages, though that seems to mean less ME time, in some ways.

A pair of Soakers I knit up for Bozu Bottoms
Actually, it also isn't helping that I'm attempting to sell some of my knit goods on Etsy. (Shameless plug!)  While I've made one sale since starting three weeks ago (Yay! *throws confetti*) knitting can be a slow process, and selling stuff can be even slower.  On top of that, I was working on some freebies for some friends.  It keeps me busy- since January 1st, I think I've knitted at least 4 hours a day, with most days being around 8 to 10 hours.  Phew!

This year is promising to be fun for me, or at the very least busy.  We're still doing lots of renovations on the house.  In fact, I've been twitching to do a new room...either the living room or dining room.  Yes, yes, I know I failed to post pics of our bedroom last year.  Take my word, it's pretty cute!  ;)  Ok, I solemnly swear to make a post...even if the bedroom isn't 100% done, and any pictures I have may or may not have a dirty sock on the floor...

Veggies Veggies Veggies
I'm also hoping to make this a big vegetable garden year.  I'm already looking forward getting my hands in the Earth.  I'm thinking I shouldn't make it too big, since this will be my first year doing my own garden that isn't in containers.  Carrots, tomatoes, peppers, peas...I am thinking I might use this site for guidance.  I really like the high yield, and kids gardens, plus the Kitchen Herb garden.  Of course, the part that makes me giddy, but reminds me I must show restraint is the fact that my yard would fit all three of those gardens, and more.  Add to that my desire for both blueberry and strawberry bushes, and my apple trees (Oh dear, I'm so worried about them right now!) and I've got a lot of fresh food in-fluxing this summer.  Maybe I won't have a need for a CSA this year...

I'll also get my compost pile going again.  Even just the little time I had one last year...the results were very awesome.  I hate throwing away all the little scraps of food that we do.  It seems like such a waste.  Having a compost was actually really cool, and not nearly as smelly as I thought it might be.  The resulting soil was really dark, and rich, and I swear it was one of the reasons my container crops were so successful last year.

We've started the planning for chickens as well.  Oh Fresh Eggs...I can't wait.  Choosing a coop is difficult though.  I don't think either of us have much skill in building, so we won't be building our own coop.  There are different options out there, some really inexpensive, although I question how well they'd protect the chickens in the cold, and some really expensive...I personally love the idea of the Cube.  But we'll see.  John has also nicely pointed out (while being super supportive, mind you.) that I hate the cold, and have to ask myself if I really want to be trekking out daily in the winter to feed the Ladies.  He has a point...Am I allowed to keep them in the basement?

So we've got kids, knitting, house stuff, gardens, chickens...anything else?  Oh yes!  This post was brought to my attention.  Of course, because I'm not busy enough, I want to do it.  I'm starting in February because it's a little late to do it in January.

And hopefully, I'll record all of it here.   I know you're looking forward to it!  I am, at least.


  1. Yay! You're doing it! *claps*

    I'm jealous of the chickens. George & I are having the - hypothetical, at this point, since it's probably 3 years until we own a home again - chicken discussion. I think it would be a great family project, great learning experience for the kids, and - oh! - fresh eggs! George...grew up on a farm & so isn't as excited about it. I have three years to convince him. Failing that, he might just come home from work one day to a bunch of chickens in the backyard. ;)

  2. The awesome thing for you is if you were back in Buffalo, it's legal there! I live in hickville, with almost an acre, and it's "illegal". I talked to the town clerk though and he was nice, telling me that as long as there wasn't complaints, it would be fine.

    That was my thought regarding the chickens. Fresh eggs, and total learning experience for the kids. I've even gotten John in on the excitement! Maybe our enthusiasm will get George in too! If not, I might just have to give you some chickens as a gift in three years!

  3. I know! That just changed...a year or so ago. Some friends of ours who lived up the street from our old house got chickens last summer.

    I told G to remember that we didn't have to commit to raising chickens forever. And we don't have to get 79861398345 chickens. Just a few, and if it doesn't work out/is more work than it's worth/isn't quite the learning experience for the kids I thought it would be - well, I know other people who are raising chickens so I'll bet I wouldn't have much trouble getting someone else to take them. :)