Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy (belated) New Years

Ok, ok, we all know I'm a little slow on the upkeep of this blog.  But I promise, I've been a very busy woman this month.

New Years are good.  All our friends left town, so it was just us and the kids.  We each had nice dinners.  We gave the kids sparkling grape juice and had a mini celebration before they went to bed.  Lilia, who has never had anything carbonated before, didn't like it.  "It hurts my tongue!" she informed us, and asked for "real" juice.  It made me laugh.

After the kids went to bed, we had a nice relaxing evening to ourselves, and rung in the New Year with the traditional kiss, and 46 & two.

Liam had his second birthday, which meant CAKE, and a delay in the start of our dieting.  I'm still not feeling up to dieting, so we'll see how successful January will be for me.

I also decided to open up my own Etsy shoppe, which was a big decision for me.  I still get very anxious about the decision- and I agree with one of my friends who is opening her own shoppe as well, it's hard not to sit there and think "Am I throwing money down a hole here?"  Thankfully, the type of product I made (knit goods) can always be used as gifts, and even with all the yarn I bought, it can be used.  So it's not the same as say...opening a real business in the real world.  I don't risk losing everything, which is sort of reassuring.

Of course, at the same time I was getting my shoppe up, drama came crashing down at home, and I found myself needing to find my mother a place around here, and moving her up.  It was stressful, and almost a resentful situation, but now that she's up here, I find the situation isn't bad at all.  It makes me life a little more busy, but hey...I can handle it- I'm a Super Woman.

SO there you have it.  January so far.  It already feels like February should be around the corner, and yet I just realized it's on the 13th, and not even half the month has gone by.

Liam's Birthday cake

Let's just hope that I don't need too much of this, and it will all be good.

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