Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guinea Pig days

Is it February yet?  Seriously...the sooner January ends,  the sooner February will end, and then maybe, just maybe, we can get some better weather.  I think January and February are the only months of the year that I question my sanity of living in the North.  Of course, like the sun, my wits return in the Spring and I enjoy life in the North...but really, right now...I'm so sick of the snow, cold and dreary days.

Winnie the Squeaky Butt Guinea Pig
Remember this little guy?  He's still around, and getting fat and spoiled.  I didn't get a chance to let you all know what Lilia decided his name was.  The winning name was...Winnie.

Ok, so no one gave us that name.  Lilia picked it herself.  It's cute, although I don't think anyone in the house calls him Winnie!  I call him Squeaky Butt, which cracks Lilia up (If you don't know, Butt is the funniest word ever for a 4 year old).  Lilia stills calls him Guinea Pig, and Liam...well, Liam is still a bit confused, and calls him Bunny.  So there you have it.

He's not a bad Guinea pig.  Squeaks a bit more than I expected, and it's most whenever I enter the room, as I'm the one that feeds him.  He loves apples, carrots and lettuce, and will eat the occasional tomato, and pepper.  It loves all the stuff I'm not supposed to give it- like popcorn sticks.  For some reason, he likes to tip over the big pink igloo.  I find it sleeping underneath the hay bale a lot, which is cute.  And the thing LOVES hay.  Good thing Timothy Hay smells so good.

The only thing I don't like is cleaning the cage.  I think I need a shop vac...

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