Saturday, November 27, 2010

Buffalo runs on Timmy Ho's

Despite being huge Buffalo fans, my in-laws have a flaw.  They believe Dunkin' Donuts is better than Tim Hortons.  This has led to some hysterical conversation and debate, about everything from Dunkin' Donuts lousy customer service to Tim Horton's "non travel able cups" to the more subjective "Which donuts taste better?"

I have one answer for them.  Tim Hortons has the Honey Cruller.  This alone makes Tim Hortons the best.  Light, Airy and melt in your mouth goodness.  DD has nothing like it, nothing even comparable.

:(  I miss Tim Hortons.


  1. Not true. Not all, but some, DDs have French Crullers. It's like a little bonus when you find one that has them since they are my favorite kind of donut.

    But to be fair, the best french crullers I ever had came from the donut shop on State Street in Herkimer. (It was called Dandee Donuts back then I think)

  2. Hmm, I've never seen one, so it won't count. ;)

    I'm not sure if the donut shop is still open, but I think I'll have to check now...