Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Apples here, Apples there, apples in my backyard!

One of the things I've always wanted in my back yard was an apple tree.  So for my 9th wedding anniversary, we ordered two apple trees, one red delicious, and one granny smith.  Of course they would arrive on a day I was leaving town, but luckily, the trees arrive in a pot.  So I put them somewhere safe and in the shade, watered them, and left them.  As it turns out, I was supposed to do that so they could acclimate to the new environment.  Yay for things working out.

The Red Delicious
A few days later, we were ready to plant them.  Digging holes in the ground is fun, when you get someone else to do it for you.  (Thanks dear!)  The process wasn't that difficult.  Right now they were only about 4-5 feet tall, easy to lift.  We stuck each in the freshly dug hole, filled it with soil, and covered it carefully with mulch.   It was also recommended that the tree be staked for a year.  Voila!  My own little apple orchard.

Now I've spent the past few weeks worried that I somehow did something wrong, and the plants would die.  They are still alive, and thriving.  We still have to get through winter, but if all goes well, these little apple trees can bloom as early as next Fall.  I'm really excited.  I love Apple season, and having my own apple trees is even better.

The Granny Smith
And with my yard as big as it is, it's so nice to fill it in with something as nice as apple trees.  I'm a big geek when it comes to dual functioning things- and apple trees are both useful AND aesthetically pleasing.  Of course, I'm not really done.  In the spring I plan to add a cherry blossom tree, strawberry and blueberry bushes, and some grapevines.  I'm so excited!

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