Monday, November 8, 2010

Confession of a bad fan.

I've been a little sick lately, with a cough and headache.  As such, I've also been really tired.  So when we were clearing up our plans for the weekend, I couldn't stand the thought of going to a hockey game, tired as I am, with two kids and a losing team.  So we sold our tickets, and changed our plans to go to Rochester instead.

I feel really guilty.  I think I'm a bad fan, and I should turn in my fan card.  I fully admit, if the team was good, we'd be going to the game this Saturday.  It's a lot easier to put up with chasing two kids around an arena while tired when the team can entertain me.  But the recent losing streak just leaves me with no confidence that the game will be anywhere near enjoyable.

So fellow fans, lynch me, and revoke my fan card.  This week, I'm a bad fan.  And you know's all good because we'll have a great time with the kids at the Museum of Play.  And we'll go to a game (or two) in December.  Maybe even without kids.  (A mom can dream, right?)


  1. You're not a bad fan. I went to the game on Friday, and honestly, it felt like a chore. We are going again this Saturday and I'm not looking forward to it (besides arena food - yum).

    Bottom line - you are allowed to not look forward to your team if they are crapping the bed as terribly as they are. It shows you still care.

    This has been the worst season for me yet as a Sabres fan. They can only get better, right? RIGHT???? PLEASE SAY I'M RIGHT!?

  2. What kind of fans would we be if we didn't believe it was going to get better. (insert a Bills fan joke here) Yeah, I know I'm not really a bad fan, it's just irritating that things have come to this. I normally really do look forward to games!