Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The true yogi says "woof woof"

I think there is something innately wise about children.

They find enjoyment in such little things.  Spinning.  Flowers growing.  Empty boxes.  Running in circles.  Barking like a dog.  (Ok, maybe that one is just my kid.)  Recently, something that has been amusing me is watching my daughter get into yoga poses, without ever learning yoga.  Right now she's obsessed with being upside down.  She's on her head on the couch, or dangling, head first, off the chair.  I've seen both kids in Downward facing dog and child's play.  I remember doing those as a child too...they just felt good to do.

I guess maybe I find it amazing that people pay so much money to do yoga, and kids do it all for free.  If only life could remain so simple.

Maybe I should start doing yoga...


  1. so well written! :) i think i may bark next time i'm in downward facing dog!