Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decor Diva?

Well, it's been approximately 60+ days since we signed the contract to buy our little house in Herkimer.  We have the commitment letter, the sellers are eager to get this done, and we ourselves are more than eager to move in.  What's holding it all up?  The lawyers.  Those kind and gentle breed of men and women, who so kindly have had all our paperwork for nearly 3 weeks now.  Does anyone wonder why the general sentiment is "Kill all the lawyers?"  (I don't condone killing them, but maybe sending them to an island inhabited with hungry dinosaurs...)

So in the mean time, I plan and I make.  My "current" project was some cute little cork boards for the kids rooms.  They aren't perfect, but I think they will look really nice once they are attached to the walls, and strewn with pictures for the kids to look at.

Basically just took some corkboard, some fabric, and some hot glue.  Yes, I burned my finger at some point.  Used a little ribbon (Lilia's has some cute Tinker Bell dangle-y ribbon on the bottom), some thumbtacks, and voila!  Cute covered corkboards.

Color schemes are picked out for Lilia's room, and an idea is running in my head for Liam , although, being so young and not really having any definitive likes, makes it a tad harder to settle on anything permanent at this point.  But as of today, it's looking more like it'll be a blue and gold theme to match the blue Sesame Street curtains we used for Lilia's toddler room.  That way when he gets older, if he happens to like any teams that use the Blue and Gold colors, it can get converted pretty easily.  And if he happens to like any other team, well...then he's out of the family.  ;)

So we continue to wait.  Hopefully not much longer now.

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