Sunday, August 8, 2010

My own nature gets me in trouble...

Today we went for a short hike at Pixley Falls State Park.  It was a lovely little trail- a little more "rustic" than the trail at Moss Lake in the Adirondacks.  There was lots of little bridges, and the entire second part of the trail is by the water.  It was a good time.
This is deeper than it looks...
At some point in the hike, we came to a little waterfall.  It was only like 5 feet, and it was something I thought I could easily climb.  As I climbed the first rock, my foot just slipped on a small patch of moss, and down I came.  At first I landed on my bottom in some water, but in a surprised reaction, I went to stand up immediately, causing me to slip more, and I went right into the water.  There was a second of panic, followed my a mental reminder that the water was not deep, nor was the current something that could carry me a way.  So I swim the 2 feet back over to John and the kids, and laugh.  And laugh.  And laugh.  It's funny, I deserved it for disturbing nature, and for being so impetuous.
So there I am, soaked, and laughing hysterically and pretty embarrassed.  John and the kids finish up eating some snacks, we pack up and finish the hike.  I'm pretty miserable being so wet, and I realized during the hike that I'm going to have figure out how to ride in the car wet.  I don't have a spare set of clothes with me.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't have anything in the car, so I face the prospect of an hour drive in wet clothes.  Luckily when we got to the car, we found two spring jackets.  So I go behind some trees, strip my top off, tie the jacket around me like a halter top.  It's long enough that I can strip my shorts off, wrapping the second jacket around my bottom.  This is how I ride in the car- wrapped in a Blue and Gold Sabres jacket, and a Blue Buffalo Bills jacket over a wet bra, and wet underwear.

As we drive home through Boonville (yes, that is the town's real name), we stop at McDonald's Drive-thru for lunch.  I make John ask the McDonald's cashier if there are any Target, Kmart or Walmart in the vicinity.  There is.  So I ask John to drive to Walmart, and go inside and buy me some clothes.  I tell him to pick up some sort of slip on dress, and what size to get.  I make him park far back in the parking lot, away from any cars and people.  As he runs in, I realize that it was my perfect luck that today would be the day someone was taking pictures for and if spotted, I would be the unwitting model.

Luckily, our tale has a happy ending.  John came out with a dress, which I quickly tossed on.  Dry clothes never felt so good!  And my lesson is learned.  Sort of.  The lesson is always have a towel and a spare set of clothes in your car.

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