Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

A few things happened when we had kids that I didn't expect.

Sharing the best man in the world was tougher than I thought. I find myself a tad jealous every now and then, missing the private time we had together before kids. Particularly because my mini-me has him so wrapped around her finger. Of course, it's a thing of beauty, the daddy-daughter relationship. I can't help but smile seeing the two of them interact.

Watching our kids grow also meant watching ourselves grow. While I knew John would be an awesome father, his natural skill as a dad is awe inspiring. I think there's a connection between being an awesome dad and an awesome husband. If I could make a list of all the wonderful things John does with the kids that makes me life easier, I'd start with diaper changes, continue on with taking the kids out when I need a break and end with bedtime routines. Because John does it all.

I feel blessed to have such a companion, and look forward to the journey still ahead of us. I know we're in for good times and bad times, but there's something wonderful in knowing that no matter what, it's something we're in together.

Of course, if you still doubt the awesomeness of John, here's the absolute proof:
A good daddy wears his son, especially when getting dorky pictures with Idols. ;) (I just wish I could've gotten Liam in the picture too.)

Happy Father's Day, My love.

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  1. What a great post, Pix. I *think* I can relate to it so much. I know there will be some jealousy when kids come around - it's definitely in my nature. But if Andy's parenting skills are even a quarter as good as his fiance skills, I'm going to have one wonderful husband/father.

    And I'm so happy you and John found each other. It's evident you guys are a perfect match. :)