Friday, April 16, 2010


I don't believe in superstitions. At least I try not to. I'd probably freak if I broke a mirror. 7 years of bad luck is a LONG time. So being a sports fan, especially a big fan, one who attends's hard. I know nothing I do affects the game. Years of superstitious fans have not led my team to the big win. That's why I gave up on superstitious. It's silly. Yet somehow, I find myself thinking "What if...Did I...Should I...What did I do last time..." a lot. And stupid stuff too. Everything from how I wore my hair, which underwear, which shirt and what did I eat...It's crazy.


  1. me too me too! i thought because i changed my facebook avatar, we lost the past two games. superstitions suck.

    "i'm not superstitious. i'm just a little stitious" - michael scott, the office

  2. I've repeatedly questioned EVERYTHING in the past week. Playing farmville during the game. Wearing a hat. Wearing my jersey. Washing my St. Patty's Day Sabres shirt. Sitting in certain spots on the couch. Shaving.

    I have to repeatedly yell at myself to stop, because it's all silly and I have no influence on the game. Now excuse me while I go pour some Jameson into my mini Stanley Cup for the Hockey Gods offering...