Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crazy life is crazy

I've been a bit quiet again, I know.  Life is keeping me busy.  Between kids, husbands, squirrels in the eaves (ugh, don't ask!!) and keeping up with the house and laundry, I feel like I haven't been breathing as much.  Oh, and yeah, there was a period of hardcore gaming...

Do you want to know the story?
But this week I have my first job interview in 8 years.  I'm partially panicking, and partially freaking out.  If you asked me how I was feeling today, I'd probably snap a " fine!" and then depending on who you were, cry on your shoulder.

I'm trying my best to prepare- it's really not easy.  Infrequent conversation with other adults has left me feeling a bit socially inept, and I'm just not going to get into my struggle to find people from 8 years ago willing to give me a reference letter. (Ugh!)

Honestly, I might feel a little rejected if I don't get the job, but it wouldn't kill me too much.  If I don't get the job, life continues here at home as it does now.  But getting the job would mean more income, which would mean paying off bills, and being able to update the house faster.  And did I mention it was a perfect position- part time, 10 months (ie, summers off!), very local and in counseling?

So many options...
I've been going through possible interview questions, practicing in my head and all that.  I feel pretty prepared, although an afternoon of review is going to help.  I'm hoping that I can get through the interview without sounding like an idiot, or repetitive use of the words "umm" and "I have no idea."

My big problem is...what do I wear?  I live in jeans and t-shirts (or pajama pants...) and my "dressier" clothes are more for going out.  Do I go with business or business casual? Skirt or trousers?  Blazer or Sweater?  Should I dye my hair so the 3 inches of gray aren't showing?  I know what NOT to wear, for the most part.  And believe me, this is reminding me I need to go buy some pantyhose (LOL!) and that I should probably go do a load of laundry.

Anyways, wish me luck.  Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, to those that celebrate.  I got a lovely present, and last night at dinner, Lilia shared with me that Daddy had bought me a box of candies and a card.  But that was a secret.


  1. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you. My only suggestion is to wear a blazer. You can never over dress for an interview, but you can definitely under dress!

    EEEK - excited for you!

  2. Good luck! You'l be great & they'll be crazy if they don't give you the job. xo