Sunday, July 4, 2010

How I almost died. I think...

Since we love blowing stuff up on the fourth of July, this is a fitting story.

First you should know, I'm deathly afraid of electricity. I've been electrocuted on more than one occasion. When I was little I was trying to plug something into the wall, and my finger was touching a prong. ZAP.

Then when I was 13, my idiot step father, left some wires hanging out of a wall above the kitchen sink. I was washing dishes, a knife hit the wire. ZAP. Felt like someone came up from behind me and just physically grabbed me and slammed me against a wall. NO JOKE.

When it comes to stoves, I've had zaps a few times while using either an electric stove or a hot pot. These aren't fun either, although for the most part, they weren't as bad as the previously mentioned incidents.

Yesterday, I was boiling water. Just simply, boiling water. I filled the pot. I put it on the stove. I put the burner on high. I turned my back to peel potatoes. I peeled 2 1/2, when suddenly, all at once, I see this bright pinkish flash, and hear a ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP POP! sound. I turn my head, see water and metal bits all over the stove, water rushing out the bottom of the pan, steam and sizzling sounds. I'm TERRIFIED.

The knob was plastic, so I figured it was ok to turn the stove off. I turn it off, shaking and just stare at everything. NO CLUE what happened. I look at the pot and there's a hole in it. I look at the burner, there's a hole in that. I put everything down, and just stare for a few more minutes, and then go find my husband, napping safe and sound.

I incoherently try to tell him what happened. I leave him, go turn off the breaker, and then go back up, trying to make myself coherent. He doesn't understand until he actually comes down and sees the carnage.

This is the coil on the burner.  Now clue what really happened, other than maybe it wore out, and faulted.  I had used that same burner earlier in the day, and didn't notice anything funny about it.

This is the pot.  It was a solid pot- I think it was also a pressure cooker.

I can't help but wonder what would've happen if I had been closer, or if I had been stirring the pot.  Would I have been electrocuted?

I know there are dangers with gas as well, but you know, I'm seriously considering installing a gas stove when we get into the new house.

I am laughing about it now, but man...I was scared when it happened.

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  1. I can see why you were scared at the time. 0__o
    Glad you're still alive and kickin'!