Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mini Me

Sometimes, it's really weird having a mini-me running around in the world.  It's amazing, yet slightly scary how alike we can be.

I'm a huge water baby.  I could spend hours at time in a pool if I could.  We've discovered this summer that Lilia is the same way.  Once she got used to wearing her water wings, whenever we've gone swimming in a pool, she just plays and swims for hours.  When we finally got out for the last time, it was serious "end of the world" reaction on her part.

I hate being woke up from a nap.   If I get woke up, it takes like 20 minutes for me to function.  In the meantime, watch out!  I'll bite your head off for breathing.  (I admit it.)  Lilia is the same way.  See, she goes down for a nap around 1, and lately, she doesn't go to sleep right away.  She'll play in her room for an hour or two; reading and playing with her toys.  So sometimes it's 3 or 4 before she actually naps. So 5 o'clock comes around, and it's almost dinner time, and we don't want her sleeping too late or else she'll be wide awake around bedtime.  But when we wake's literally like waking a sleeping bear.  Today she sat at the dinner table, whimpering and looking like someone cast Zombie on her.  We couldn't help but giggle at the level of cranky.

I was being a huge pest while watering my container garden today.  I started chasing John around  the yard with the hose a little, laughing hysterically.  Lilia found this to be absolutely hysterical as well.  There are quite a few parallels in our sense of humor.  (Maybe this means I never grew up?)  Both Lilia and I seem to have a weakness for funny cat videos.  She cracks up when we watch them,  and I don't think she'd ever get tired of watching them (Oh thank ye wise LOLCats.)

Take this cat for example.  I showed it to Lilia, and she first squealed incredibly loud.  Then she laughed.  Then she proceeded to make up a funny story about the cat, and how he was meowing very loudly, and it was really funny.  Now she's demanding that I stop typing, and find some more funny cats.

I could probably go on and on about how alike her personality is to my own.  She's definitely a very emotionally driven child, which is pretty much how I'd describe myself.  And while this can be a challenge at times (Let's just say tantrums are a lot of fun.  Except not.)  it's also pretty cool to see myself reflected in someone I think is so awesome.

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