Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Changes...

I've had the same crib and changing table for all my kids.  Well, sort of.  It's one of those convertible cribs that turns into a toddler bed, and then you can eventually use it for headboards, and the changing table can turn into an end table.  Or something crazy like that.  We used it for Lilia, and then when we had Liam, we converted it to a toddler bed for Lilia, and he slept in his own crib.  We kept the changing table part for him though.  Now no one using the crib or changing table, and until we decide how we're going to go about adding another room for the baby, I'm only using the changing table.

After two kids, it was a bit of a mess.  A bit of wear and tear, and me having the desire for something new looking, I knew I wanted to do something.  I had some ideas in my head, and then of course, I found some things on pinterest which made me think "Hey, I can do my ideas!"

The first thing I did was wash the changing table, and then let it dry.  I added two layers of Benjamin Moore paint, in a chocolate mocha color.  After it was dry, I put on pretty little decals because I'm not so good at painting by hand.  Or with stencil.  I replaced the hardware, though I have to admit, I'm disappointed I couldn't find butterfly or flower shaped pulls like I envisioned.  But I like the little pink knobs well enough.  I found some cute baskets that fit the shelves (and small enough to be able to throw in a small basket just for snappi's when I get around to buying them!)  Since I cloth diaper, I added a towel bar, just to hang covers on between use.  Is it bad to admit that I feel a bit like genius for that one? Toss on the changing pad and a new cover, and voila.  My new changing table.

I love the bins, and I love the towel bar.
I wish my camera could do it justice.  I think I should've added new camera to my baby registry (which was really more so I could keep track of what I needed to buy...)  The best part is the price:  20 bux for the paint, 12 bux for all three bins, 5 bux for the towel bar, 10 bux for the decals (I paid $5!), and 3 bux for the drawer pulls.  A brand new looking changing table for under $50. You really can't beat that!  And while I don't include it in the price, the changing pad covers were almost 50% off on Amazon, so I bought a couple then, rather than pay full price.

And before anyone asks, yes, I have everything organized, or a list of how I plan to organize.  The drawers will be prefolds, sleepers and onesies.  The bins are hats and mitts, soakers and covers, and socks, baby legs and soft shoes.  If I can find one I like, I might add a small mobile, and my warmer and wipes will be near by.  Perhaps on the wardrobe I'm working on, but that's a whole other post.  (You know you are looking forward to it!)

Now if I could just figure out what to make with the chicken I have out for dinner tonight, my day will be a complete success.

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  1. Oh my god, Shannon - that is *gorgeous*!
    I wish I'd thought of using a towel bar for covers. I always ended up chucking them in a pile on the floor because I had no place to put them. xo