Thursday, July 7, 2011

Silly little dining room dream

Now, we all know I'm a huge geek, with a bit of a Japanese decor fetish.  Ok, maybe you didn't know that, but now you do.  I'm planning my dining room, and I really would love to do a Japanese inspired dining room.
I really hate wearing shoes indoors.  I find it a bit gross, even shoes that aren't "worn" outdoors.  Of course, I don't really find walking bare foot outdoors to be gross...but you'd know if you walked on poop or had dirty feet.  It's a total shoe bias.  If you come into my house, please...take your shoes off.  Which is why I'd LOVE a tatami floor.  Without sounding like a complete jerk, I can be like NO SHOES ON THE TATAMI FLOOR.

Then there is the low table.  If I got one of these, I'd never have guests.  Who wants to sit on the floor to eat a meal?  No one who comes over to dinner.  I think my mom would disown me.  Or at least never come over for dinner.  But it seems so relaxing and comfortable.  Sit on a big pillow, drink tea, slurp noodles!  I wonder if they sell a low table that can be raised...

It won't happen, but man, I'd do it if I could.  It would be so unique (at least around here, right?)

I give you permission to poke fun at me!

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  1. I like the idea. My formal living room is decorated with Asian flair, and I love the thought of expanding into the dining room. Of course, since I live in the family of giants, my long legged family would disown me if I made everyone sit at a low table.

    But it's good to dream.