Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Days

I need someone to poke me more often about posting here!  Apparently I'm a little busy this summer, so that when I sit down at the computer, this isn't the first place I head.  Boo!

Summer is in full swing.  It's SO awesome to have my husband and kids home all the time.  During the school year, as a stay at home mom, getting away from the kids is something I have to actively seek, or else  I start talking in my mommy voice 24/7 and forgetting what its like to have an adult conversation.  Or what silence sounds like.  But John, being the awesome person he is, has totally stepped up this vacation.  He lets me sleep in.  He takes the kids out without me.  It's like...omg, is this a vacation??  I have to thank him publicly for being such an understanding and supportive husband.

From one of my first harvests!
This has been a great summer.  I have a lovely garden, full of tomatoes, zucchini, corn, peppers, and squash.  It's been quite the bounty, and I never knew that zucchini could get so big!  We just yesterday enjoyed our first corn.  It's very cool to just go out, pick off a few ears right off the stalk, shuck it, and cook it.  And I still have some beautiful cabbages growing, onions, shallots, potatoes and pumpkins.  My everbearing strawberries have also grown quite a few runners, so I will hopefully have a nice sized Fall harvest.  Enough to make up for the lack of blueberry and apple harvests.

The best thing about my garden so far has been its self care.  Is it bad to admit I've barely worked in it?  I've spent more time in our little pool than I have in the garden. Of course, my weeds almost took over at one point...

August is now here, and that of course means only a few more weeks of "vacation".  I totally plan to continue to enjoy the next few weeks.  There's a trip to Boston/Connecticut in there, more swimming, and lots of summer sun.  Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

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